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Secret Diary

(These diary entries were made somewhere between Keeping it Real and Feeling the Vibes)

Mel’s Secret Diary: Top Gossip From The Academy

I thought I’d better remove myself from the beach for this part of the newsletter. Didn’t want any prying eyes peeping over my shoulder to read my deepest darkest secrets! So I’ve come back to the dorm, stopping off at Guru to pick up a banana and mango smoothie, and leaving a trail of sand all the way. Now I’m safely shut in my room with my DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on the door, and totally set to pass on the latest titbits from the Academy. Oh, I also have a box of chocolate covered strawberries to munch, ohh, they’re soo divine!!

Ok, here’s the BIG news. A certain beautiful dark-eyed angel guy is back on the market. Yes, Orlando is single again! Star told him she still wants to be friends, but she is desperate to catch up with all the schooling she missed while she was a gladiatrix in Ancient Rome. Both me and Lola think she’s right. It’s weird. As you probably know, I had a major crush on Orlando. and I admit to having occasional daydreams about the day when Orlando was flying solo once again. But when I saw him in Guru last week, I had a three hundred and sixty degree change of heart. I was genuinely sorry to see him looking so sad, and he’ll always have a special place in my heart. (Like Reuben says, the first crush is the deepest), and he is still the most fabulous looking angel boy in our school, (he can really give his human namesake, Orlando Bloom, a run for his money) but the fact is, I’ve grown up and moved on. No, sorry, I can’t go into details. It’s a secret I can’t even share with you guys, no matter how much I like to confide in my gorgeous VIPs. I haven’t even told Lola who makes tiny butterflies flutter around my solar plexus every time he walks in the room! I will tell you one day. Just not now.

Another HUGE event in my life has been the opening of a new, fabulous (now my all time fave) shop called The Pink Palace. It has THE cutest clothes in Heaven! Darling little T-shirts, fabulous jewellery, gorgeous flip-flops and totally sublime handbags! I simply couldn’t resist the one with ‘Princess Poppy’ appliquéd on it. It’s so unbelievably LUSH I have to keep stroking it! In fact this month’s activity was inspired by The Pink Palace’s unique range of heavenly bags (so absolutely perfect for beach babes).

Anyway guys, that’s all you’re getting for now. We’ll have to hook up next month for another gossip session, you never know maybe (but I’m not making any promises) I’ll let you in on my super huge secret…or maybe you’ll be able to guess first! So as Lola always says love and Peace, you guys!!

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Celestial Buzz: Issue 2

(These newsletters was released somewhere between Budding Star andFeeling the Vibes)

Instructions for Lavender Eye Mask
Here is how to make your gorgeous eye mask. Make sure you read through the instructions several times before cutting out the fabric or sewing ANYTHING!

Just a quick word of advice. Lollie and I used satin for both front and back sections of the eye mask, but you could actually use any soft fabric for the back part (the side that will be resting on your eyes) As for the front …we think you could afford to go crazy here, feel free to use anything from denim 2 fake fur (miaow!)

You will need:
2 pieces of fabric
Dried Lavender (enough to fill the mask)
Needle and strong matching thread (or a sewing machine!)
A thin length of elastic about 12 inches long
Pen and paper
And anything sparkly you can find to decorate your mask!

1. Print out a template and carefully cut it out.

2. Lay your fabric pieces on the hard surface with right sides facing each other. Put the template on top and pin it to the fabric, to prevent it from slipping. Using your pen, trace the shape of the template on to the fabric. Cut along the marked line and unpin the fabric from the template.

3. Put the piece of fabric that will form the back of the mask (the part touching your eyes, yeah?) right side down. Stretch the elastic to the ends of the fabric, and make a loop (see picture on right). Get a friend to help you hold the unfinished mask up to your face, making sure the elastic band is around the back of your head, you don’t want the finished mask to be too tight or too slack!

4. Place the fabric piece for the front of the mask on top of the piece for the back, right sides facing in. During this stage the elastic should be sandwiched between them. Pin around the edges. Begin to stitch front and back fabric pieces together, making sure the line of stitching is about ½ an inch from the edge. Make sure you leave a 2inch gap open at the bottom of the mask otherwise you won’t be able to turn the mask inside out!

5. Turn the fabric inside out through the gap you cleverly remembered to leave (fingers crossed) unstitched! Now all you have to do is fill the mask with lovely soothing lavender. Using a teaspoon or funnel carefully pour the dried lavender into the open gap. Then fold the raw edges of the fabric at the open gap to make an even edge. Close the gap using teeny tiny stitches. Shake the lavender around in the mask to distribute it evenly. Now you’re ready to add any personal touches you desire.

6. Lola and I used little fake crystals (real ones would have been too fancy) to decorate the lower left hand corner. But we’re sure you VIPs can come up with all kinds of cool ways to customise your eye masks.

Brice’s White Chocolate Brownies 

75g plain chocolate
175g self-raising flour
½oz cocoa powder
75g butter
250g light soft brown sugar
3 eggs
100g white chocolate, chopped into chunks

1. Preheat oven to 180 or gas mark 4. Grease and flour a 18cm x 30 cm cake tin.
2. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a saucepan; make sure that the heat is set to low.
3. Remove from the heat and stir in the eggs, coca-powder, sugar and flour.
4. Mix thoroughly then stir in the white chocolate chunks. Pour into the cake tin.
5. Bake for 15-20 minutes and leave in the tin to cool.
6. Cut into 16 bars when cool.

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Just a few friendly reminders for you guys!

Mel Beeby’s account privileges will expire in 5 days unless notified before the deadline

Star has been taken off reservation

Lola’s account has been made, you can find it here: Lola Sanchez

If you want any help with creating an account or any general questions, please ask angelsunlimited for unregistered members or Michael for those who already have an account (which is one person right now…)

Hope to hear from you all soon!

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(From Lola’s POV, thought I should do something pre-Mel)

Dying is nothing like how I thought. I mean, there’s like all those things, like someone says you go to the top of a light thing, or you go down a tunnel of light and talk to some guy in a white robe.

Well, when the bullet hit me instead of the real victim aimed for…well, it hurt! I didn’t die quickly, like some people. OK, it wasn’t really slow, either, but it felt like a long time. But after a while, I was sort of floating, and it stopped hurting, basically. It was kind of like being underwater, without lung pressure, even down to the sound block. OK, now I’m sounding all scientific.

Let me put it this way: I kind of waited until something happened, and then I was outside the Angel Academy. Except at that time I didn’t get it. That was until one of the others told me what to do.

I had to help the exact same way when my best friend, Mel, first died. Well, I felt the weird connection to her when I first looked at her, and then she says “Do I know you, or something?”

Well, that was an obvious sign. Basically, Mel kind of didn’t get it at first. But now…OK, let’s just say that I’m dead, I’m at a school for angels, and all that jazz. There, that’s me done.

Thank you! Remember, you don’t have to submit everything you do. Treat your characters tumblr like their own person tumblr, like a diary or group emails :)

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Secret Diary

(These diary entries were made somewhere between Keeping it Real and Feeling the Vibes)

Lola’s Secret Diary: Boys Will Be Boys

There isn’t enough chocolate in the universe to mend my broken heart! Okay that might be a TEENSY exaggeration. But what do you expect when Brice turns up not one, but TWO hours late for our date PLUS he was wearing an old tee shirt that REEKED of motor oil. I swear he hasn’t smelled that whiffy since he came back from the hell dimensions. “Has the boy not heard of deodorant?” I fumed afterwards.

My soul mate tried to calm me down. “You might have given him a chance to explain, Lollie, instead of just storming off,” she said anxiously. “He might have had a perfectly good explanation.”

"Yeah, like he absolutely has no respect for his girlfriend," I scowled. Mel doesn’t understand. She hasn’t actually got a boyfriend; she has NO idea how frustrating the opposite sex can be. OK, she had that crush on Orlando, but he’s hardly your average boy angel; he’s more like a saint or whatever.

I’ve just reread the last bit. I suppose I might be acting a little unfairly towards Brice…but TWO WHOLE HOURS LATE! Mel’s just burst into my room. I told her I needed some privacy, to finish venting my feelings to all you guys. “Then you’d better tell them the truth,” she said breathlessly. “Sorry Lollie but you have to tell them the real reason Brice was late.”

Oops! It turns out that my bad boy friend is not quite so bad after all. Can you believe the poor sweetie came to our date hotfoot from a gruelling mission, some big environmental crisis involving dolphins and a major oil spill.

Okay it’s now official!  I AM a drama queen, and should be punished with an outbreak of hideous, pussy spots! But sometimes growing up is just TOO complicated, don’t you agree? And even trainee angels experience the tortures of growing pains. Boys who were once just friends, suddenly become more than just mates. All that ‘does he/ doesn’t he really like me’ madness. Hey, I’m a two feet firmly planted on the ground kind of girl, yet that stuff makes MY head spin. 

"Why can’t it be easy?" I asked myself after Mel had left. ‘Why can’t we all just be friends forever?’

Then suddenly I had this flashback, to how I used to feel back on Earth sometimes, before I met my soul pal. At my old school, it sometimes seemed like we’d all have new best friends every week. Have you noticed how when girls have ‘best friends’ it usually means someone’s being left out? I remember standing in the corner of the schoolyard for one whole lunch hour once, and not ONE person came over to speak to me. It was like no one even wanted to risk catching my eye like my freaky ‘aloneness’ might be contagious. So it’s it’s not just that ‘boys will be boys’ thing, like girls say. It’s more like ‘people will be people.’ With the bad comes the good.  I learnt that big time on a recent v. traumatic trip to the seventeenth century Caribbean. I’m not exaggerating; I don’t think I would have survived, if it wasn’t for Mel. It was the most painful experience of my entire angel career. But Mel was totally there for me.

Guess what? My soul mate just came back into my room, carefully balancing two steaming cartons of hot chocolate from Guru, with a big bag of Mo’s special cookies tucked under her chin! “Thought you needed cheering up?”  She giggled.

That’s Mel for you, always there for her mates…and that includes you guys too, all you undercover angels on Earth. So I’d like to dedicate this, the very first entry of my Heavenly Journal to “My Best Friend” it’s not just for Mel, it’s for you, all you VIP’s, because sometimes the universe can be a scary lonely place. It can take a long time to meet that special soul mate, so while we’re waiting, we all have to try to be own best friends. So, love and Peace, you guys!!

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Celestial Buzz: Issue 1

(These newsletters was released somewhere between Budding Star and Feeling the Vibes)

Butterfly Boudoir Party

Hosting any party (especially) a Butterfly Boudoir Party is very simple. You only need two things to guarantee a great time. Great vibes and good planning!

Greet your guests at the door with a friendly smile and a glass of something fizzy. You want everyone to feel welcome, so if you’ve invited girls who don’t know each other, take the trouble to introduce them to each other properly. You could even mention interests they have in common with other guests. Even though you might be super excited to see a special mate you haven’t seen for like, AEONS, try to resist the temptation to natter and giggle away to her, as this will make your other friends feel extremely UN-special and also hideously excluded. So do your best to let everyone join in the giggles!

It’s best not to go upstairs to the sanctuary of your boudoir (bedroom!) until all your guests have arrived. Please don’t worry if your room is titchy, (my room at the Academy is like a cupboard!).  Even the tiniest cramped bedroom can be made into a magical setting for your friends. Light scented candles (but stick to just one aroma, too many will give you a headache); put low wattage bulbs in your bedside lamps (making the ambience more mellow and chilled). Make sure you have a good selection of background music for your guests to look through. And Ok, I know it’s fun playing DJ, but try to see that everyone gets a chance to play something she likes.

Ideally you have already cleared a space in your room for the VIP’s sleeping bags and pillows. (Of course there’s no reason you can’t do this in the living room if you have super understanding parents!)

Now get everyone settled. Don’t get too fixated about who sleeps next to who, it really doesn’t matter as long as everyone has fun! You might want to start your party off with dinky cups of yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows scattered in them (that’s what me and Lollie do anyway!). Serve the hot chocolate with whatever divine tiny treats you and your friends enjoy. What with the music, the candlelight, the deeelicious hot chocolate and, of course, all your beautiful vibes, everyone should start mellowing out.

Cool! Now it’s time to hand out your party goody bags. I’ll give you some suggestions later for making these personal. Lola and I popped a few cosmic minty creams in ours, plus a teeny pot of body glow powder and a really sweet pink butterfly hairgrip. You’ll have your own ideas, so just let your creativity flow and have fun deciding what you’d like to give to your guests. But remember it’s just an eentsy token to thank them for attending your party; don’t get too carried away with the dollars, OK?

Once everyone’s finished exclaiming over their goody bags, it’s time for the serious fun to start! Lollie and I spent HOURS trying to decide what movies to watch at our party. We finally decided on a couple of fabulously OTT Bollywood films. It was a brilliant choice, if we say so ourselves. All our mates totally got into the Bollywood groove, and we all ending up dancing wildly around the room. But Bollywood may not be for you, so choose the kind of films YOU and your friends like.

As you’ll all realise, Boudoir Parties provide the perfect excuse for seriously girly pampering! There’s a truly dazzling range of possibilities here. You could simply paint each other’s finger and toenails. Don’t know about you, but I like to apply a little almond oil before I start. You can buy this from local chemists for under £1 and it lasts ages! Of course, if you or your friends have sensitive skin, it would be wise to get the pharmacist’s advice first. Using just a few drops, gently massage your friend’s hands or feet with the oil, before applying her fave colours, to make her feel like a pampered princess! 

However, the most divinely soothing experience you can give a friend HAS to be a facial. Facials are actually surprisingly easy to do. First your friend has to lie down, with her hair pulled well off her face. (It’s better if the facial giver sits cross-legged just behind the head of the facial receiver. You don’t want to kick your mate in the head!) First cleanse her face with liquid cleanser or mild soap using cotton wool. Make sure every speck of grit and grime is removed. Now warm a very small amount of almond oil by slowly rubbing your palms together, then using gentle circular movements, stroke the oil onto your mate’s face, starting from the chin and working your way gradually up to her hairline. Be careful around her eyes, which may be super sensitive. Repeat this gentle stroking several times. Then remove any excess oil with a moist cotton ball, pat the face dry and apply a facemask. Then try and make your friend giggle as much as possible!  A TINY TIP:  It’s not a bad idea to pop a mint into your mouth before you get up close and personal, just in case you had a curry earlier! These ideas are just to get you guys started, I’m sure you’ll come up with lots more fun things to do on your own.

Whenever using scissors or a craft knife, if you use a template for the party bags, please take EXTRA SPECIAL CARE or ask for help. Cutting out the handles can be super tricky so make sure you give yourself plenty of time…it’s not a race! And remember cutting, gluing and painting on your parents best dinning room table isn’t the best idea, so use a craft board and/or put paper down. I used glitter glue to decorate my bags with, but you could use nail polish or stick on sequins. If you don’t have anything sparkly to hand you could go for a simpler look and colour in the light parts of a butterfly/flower design using three or four colours. You could also try experimenting with printing the goody bag template on coloured paper.

Cosmic Creams

This is a totally oven & cooker free recipe…Yayy! Don’t know about you guys, but I’m not what you’d call a culinary genius!! Luckily these sweets are not only TOTALLY foolproof to make. They are v. v. yummy! The ingredients are also super easy to get hold of. All you need is:

450g(1lb) icing sugar
5 ml (1 tsp) lemon juice (or a little extra if you want them REALLY zingy)
1 egg white, lightly whisked
A Few drops peppermint flavouring
Red or Pink food colouring (optional)
Oh, and for you romantics, a cute little cookie cutter in the shape of a lurve heart!

1) Start by sieving the icing sugar into a bowl. Mix the sugar with lemon juice and add enough egg white to make it a pliable mixture. Add the peppermint flavouring. Also add a little of the pink or red food colouring to the mixture.

2) Dust a surface with icing sugar and knead the mix. Roll it out to 5mm(1/4 inch) thick cut into rounds with 2.5cm cutter (1 inch) or better still, use the heart shaped cookie cutter.

3) Place the peppermint creams on a tray (so that they’re not overlapping each other) cover with cling wrap and leave to dry out for 24 hours. Then pop into goody bags. You could also make orange creams or even experiment with your own flavourings. Have fun!

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